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Category     : Exterior facade

Project Title : Martin's

Location      : Panchkula (Haryana)

Client          :

Year of

Completion : 2016

Panchkula Industrial Area is that quarter of the city which consists several small scale industries and warehouses. At its inception it was sought out to be a well planned industrial neighborhood  with open spaces and amenities. But over last four decades due to haphazard development and poor management, It failed miserably . The open green space have become dumpyard for industrial waste and debris. The project aims to  trigger a modern inviting neighborhood  and revitalizing the quarter. The client brief was to connect the two existing buildings, the factory and the showroom, also containing the residence.  The design was developed to have a visual unification with out  much  hindrance of light and ventilation for any of the existing functions .It is done in two layers. The background of a black expanded metal mesh , which provided a subtle visual unity. The monotony is broken by Fibre reinforced identical pyramidal modules.

Modules :

To break the monotony of the black mesh, Fibre Reinforced panels were used in abstract origami pattern. The play of pyramidal modules shine bright on a dull background at the same time helps to reduce the heat gain on the south facade .All the modules were made with in the factory by the workers of the factory themselves. This provided a strong bonding between users and the building.